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Trump booed during military ceremony at Portland soccer game

Fans at a Portland Thorns soccer game this week appeared to boo President Trump as Armed Forces enlistees pledged to obey his orders as part of a swearing-in ceremony that took place during halftime.

The Oregonian newspaper first reported on the crowd’s reaction, sharing video from Wednesday’s game in which fans could be heard groaning and booing as enlistees were asked to “obey the orders of the President of the United States.”

The National Women’s Soccer League game was scheduled to include the ceremony to mark the anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, according to Oregon Live.

At the conclusion of the swearing-in, the crowd switched to cheering the new Armed Forces members. The boos appeared to only take place when the president was mentioned.

The incident follows Major League Soccer being criticized for changing its Fan Code of Conduct rules earlier this year to ban political signs in stadiums.

The National Women’s Soccer League had agreed to ban political signs at Thorns games as well.

Political statements on and off the field from players and fans have drawn attention before across multiple sports.

Last year, college football fans were filmed booing Trump’s motorcade as they waited to attend the college football national championship.

And the debate over kneeling in protest during the national anthem has repeatedly drawn pushback from the White House, with Trump frequently tweeting during the previous football season to condemn such political displays.


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  1. The 1st Amendment allows booing. The leftists can boo Trump or even God, as the National Democratic Committee did in 2016. Threats of assassination of the President or antifa terrorism are not part of 1st amendment rights.

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