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Trump says whistleblower worked with 2020 Democrat candidate

President Donald Trump, show here speaking at a trade agreement signing ceremony October 7, issued a defiant response to House Democrats’ impeachment investigation Tuesday.

President Donald Trump in a series of tweets highlighted recent reporting that alleges the whistleblower who filed a complaint regarding his call with Ukraine’s leader had a “professional” tie to a Democratic presidential candidate.

Trump on late Tuesday quoted the headline from a Washington Examiner article by Byron York published earlier in the day.

“In other words, was working with someone who was potentially running against me,” Trump tweeted. “Why wasn’t this reported by the ICIG? A Witch Hunt Scam!”

The Examiner, citing unidentified sources, reported that Intelligence Community Inspector General Michael Atkinson told lawmakers last week in a closed-door testimony that the whistleblower whose complaint in part sparked an impeachment inquiry previously had “some type of professional relationship” with one of the 2020 Democrats running for president.

“What [Atkinson] said was that the whistleblower self-disclosed that he was a registered Democrat and that he had a prior working relationship with a current 2020 Democratic presidential candidate,” one of the sources told the news outlet.

All three sources noted that Atkinson did not identify which Democratic candidate the whistleblower previously had a professional relationship with.

Atkinson had previously disclosed that the whistleblower had “an arguable political bias” of an unspecified nature, though he added in his Aug. 26 letter on the complaint that he thought it “appears credible.”

Axios later confirmed details of the Examiner’s reporting.

Trump on Wednesday morning also shared a Fox News clip related to the reporting and again railed against the whistleblower for filing complaint over a call in which the president encouraged his Ukrainian counterpart to “look into” Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

“The Whistleblower’s facts have been so incorrect about my ‘no pressure’ conversation with the Ukrainian President, and now the conflict of interest and involvement with a Democrat Candidate, that he or she should be exposed and questioned properly,” Trump tweeted.

“The Whistleblower’s lawyer is a big Democrat. The Whistleblower has ties to one of my DEMOCRAT OPPONENTS. Why does the ICIG allow this scam to continue?” he continued.


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